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Download Fairness Coalition

Fight for Fairness
Whether you download an app, stream music or movies, or shop online, you are a part of the new economy. Become a part of the Download Fairness Coalition and help create a rational tax framework for the new economy. Get involved today in the fight for fairness and stop being taxed multiple times.

What's Being Said

“CTIA commends Senators Thune and Wyden and Congressmen Cohen and Ratcliffe for their bipartisan leadership in reintroducing the Digital Goods and Services Fairness Act. American consumers will benefit from a fair and equitable framework that allows the economy to flourish and ensures digital goods are not subject to redundant and discriminatory taxes.”


Ready to find out more?

In today’s digital world of evolving and emerging technologies, our tax system must reflect the new economy and the new realities for consumers.

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